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Taxation Services are Essentials for Business

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Businesses need to start preparing in time to be able to comply with the new tax obligations including charging, collecting, and paying VAT to the Tax Authority in a timely manner. It is the right time to start creating awareness and increase knowledge throughout the organization, as well as start assessing the potential impacts of the new taxes on the business, including impact on margins and cash flow. Taxation Services are Essentials for Business

It is also essential to ensure the right systems and processes are in place to apply the tax correctly and generate the required reporting and documentation. An important activity is to ensure all business units (supply chain, logistics, procurement, finance, tax, and accounting) are trained and ready for the revolution. Leads can help by performing “Impact Review” on your business now to identify what needs to be addressed by a detailed review of business processes and accounting systems to assess how these need to change by preparing an implementation plan and a strategic timeline.

Corporation Tax

Our tax professionals combine international experience with local knowledge to provide viable commercial tax strategies tailored to address clients’ specific needs. We have access to a global network of tax professionals. This gives us an edge, not only being able to obtain assistance from our colleagues abroad, but our wide network also means that clients need only deal with us as a central point of contact for large international exercises.

We bring significant value to our clients by customizing tax strategies to fit different industry, legal and financial frameworks, and help to minimize direct and indirect tax liabilities. We address a variety of business needs and help organizations align their businesses in a more tax-efficient manner.

Core solutions include:

  • Indirect tax.
  • International tax services.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • Tax management.

Tax Planning & Structuring

Amidst changing environment of tax, legislative and regulatory rules, both locally and internationally, it may prove to be a challenging exercise to keep abreast of these changes and ensuring that your operations remain tax-efficient and reporting remains up to the mark. Leads help structure your operations in a tax-efficient manner, review existing structures and provide tax advice to meet all your business tax needs.

Leads with its experienced tax professionals add the flavor of best practice in tax planning and tax structuring. In particular, our tax structuring services include:

  • Obtaining tax efficiencies.
  • Dealing with different tax systems.
  • Business transactions.
  • Hand holding support services.
  • Tax reviews and tax planning.

Personal Tax

With the experience in both corporate and personal tax, our professionals understand that these areas can overlap sometimes. Our tax team can provide you with effective strategies to help you minimize your overall tax burden.

We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Tax compliance, including preparing your personal tax returns and making representations to tax authorities.
  • Tax planning.
  • Tax minimization.
  • Wealth statement. Taxation Services are Essentials for Business


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