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Registered Tax Agents in UAE

Registered Tax Agents in UAE

Who are Tax Agents as per UAE Law?

The Federal Law No (7) of 2017 on tax procedures specifies the appointment of a tax agent to represent taxable persons before the Federal tax authority (FTA) with regards to his tax affairs and taxable obligations. Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures states tax agents as:

Any Person registered with the Authority in the Register, who is appointed on behalf of another Person to represent him before the Authority and assist him in the fulfilment of his Tax obligations and the exercise of his associated tax rights.”

A tax agent should meet the below conditions for registration in the register of tax agents at the FTA.

a) He should be of good conduct and behavior.

b) He should hold an accredited qualification from a recognized university or an institute showing his specialization and practical experience.

c) He is medically fit.

d) He holds availed professional indemnity insurance.

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Agent in UAE

A tax agent can handle all the tax affairs of a company, whilst the business owner and key management employees can focus on other important duties. The Federal Law No (7) of 2017 on tax procedures specifies the appointment of a tax agent in Dubai, U.A.E to represent taxable persons before the Federal tax authority (FTA) with regards to his tax affairs and taxable obligations.

Following are the advantages of hiring a registered tax agent in Dubai & UAE:

1. Assists in Tax Assessments & Tax Representations

Filing of returns and payments does not end the tax duties of the tax agents. They can be of greater assistance during tax assessments and tax representations before the Federal tax authorities which are more complex by nature and require greater expertise. A tax agent in Dubai U.A.E would assist and simplify all these formalities for the taxpayer, thereby easing his burden before the tax authorities.

2. Helps You Save Time & Money

Engaging one in the tax affairs of the company involves a lot of time and efforts. The duties and responsibilities are unlimited and include everything from VAT registration, VAT planning and VAT advisory to regular VAT compliance in Dubai, U.A.E. It becomes a time consuming and costly affair to dedicate resources and manage the tax affairs. Appointing a tax agent will not only save time and cost but also offer additional advantages one would gain from his unique knowledge and expertise of dealing with various clients

3. Assists in Tax Implementation & Registration in Dubai, UAE

New businesses and existing businesses getting registered for VAT in Dubai, U.A.E might lack the necessary knowledge and expertise on how to register, plan, and implement VAT in their daily operations. VAT implementation requires understanding the business transaction processes and the corresponding VAT implications. Once the VAT implications are successfully implemented by the tax agent across different business processes, it would make VAT compliance much easier.

4. Assists You in Filing Your Returns Timely & Accurately

Filing returns with the Federal tax authority in Dubai U.A.E is a regular task and should be done on a timely basis and with great accuracy. Delay and inaccurate returns attract huge penalties from the Federal Tax Authority. A tax agent would plan and assist you in the filing of returns periodically and accurately.

5. Acts as a Long-Term Advisor

A tax agent can act as a long term advisor throughout multiple business transactions. They can advise you on any major changes in government policies, modifications in tax laws, tax-related updates, and other related clarifications.

The benefits of hiring a tax agent outweigh the costs. Hiring one for your company is the best choice you can make.

Why Choose US

Our tax professionals combine international experience with local knowledge to provide viable commercial tax strategies tailored to address clients’ specific needs. We have access to a global network of tax professionals. This gives us an edge, not only being able to obtain assistance from our colleagues abroad, but our wide network also means that clients need only deal with us as a central point of contact for large international exercises.

We bring significant value to our clients by customizing tax strategies to fit different industry, legal and financial frameworks, and help to minimize direct and indirect tax liabilities. We address a variety of business needs and help organizations align their businesses in a more tax-efficient manner.

Core solutions include:

  • Indirect tax.
  • International tax services.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • Tax management.


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